Play Areas

Hythe & Dibden Parish Council has a number of Play Areas. They have all been upgraded over the last 10 years and the cycle of refurbishment is just starting again. Each Play Area has been designed in consultation with the children in the Parish and each is designed to give a different play opportunity. The Play Areas are litter-picked and maintained on a daily basis by the Parish Council Maintenance Team (should there be a problem please ring The Grove).

Ewart Recreation Ground - Jones Lane

Age range 1 to 14 years old

Open grass area 
Aerial runway
2 spring mobile platforms
3 spring mobile chairs
Swing basket
Swing boat
Rocking roundabout
Space net
Set of 4 swings
Balance beams
Rubber stepping buttons
2 megaphones
Multi activity units

Orchard Wild Garden - Challenger Way

Age range 1 to 16 years old

Toddler play area with set of swings
2 play shelters
2 wobble sheep
Small spinner see -saw
Older children play area
Rebound wall

Rope Bridge Hang out areas multi-unit climbing pole

Fletcher Close - Fletcher Close

Age range 1 to 5 years old

Set of swings
Multiplay unit
2 Rocking animals

Forest Front - Forest Front

Age range 8 to 16 years old

Skate Park
Football area 
Open grass area

Forest Front (Toddler Area) - Forest Front

There is currently a community consultation regarding the proposed plans for the refurbishment of Forest Front. The plans can be viewed Here

Age range 1 to 5 years old

Multiplay unit

Noads Way - Noads Way

(Open 8:15am to 6:00pm, 1st April to 30th Sept. Open 8:15 to 4:30pm, 1st Oct to 31st March)

Age range 1 to 11 years old

2 Sets of Swings
Multiplay unit 
2 Rocking animals 
2 Play shelters 
Tennis court
Football kick about area
Open grass area

Shore Road - Shore Road

Ages 0 -14 years old 

Toddler swings
Rocking animal
Open grass area
Kids course trainer
8 pieces exercise equipment age 7 up

Bluebell Gardens - Bluebell Gardens

Age range 0- 4 years old