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Press release from The Poppy Ladies!

Press Release from
Hythe and Waterside Poppy Ladies

Co-ordinator: Maggie A Riddett

Contact: Facebook group - Friends of Hythe & Waterside Poppy Ladies

The current project to commemorate the centenary of the ending of the First World War started in the summer of 2017. All the poppies are knitted or crocheted in a variety of shades of red, white and purple in many different patterns to give a natural appearance. White doves have also been knitted and crocheted.

The group secured a grant of £500 from Hythe and Dibden Parish Council and the use of their community rooms so that the ladies could meet to assemble aspects of the project.

The community also gave the group donations of money, knitting wool and ‘retired’ knitting needles.

The 45 members of the group, who mostly come from the area, made in excess of 10,500 red poppies initially before moving on to purple and white. The group had just under 2,000 red poppies stored with the council from their previous 2014 display. Members of the group met to thread poppies on to cable ties to be used for the railings, sewed poppies onto organza ribbons for the lamp posts and fabric for the hangings and covered knitting needles with green wool for the ‘stalked’ poppies. White crocheted and knitted doves were also made.

The group's interpretation of the colours used is red for Remembrance, white for Peace and purple for the animals’ role in human conflict.

The poppy ‘bombing’ has unfolded over a period of time: 
26th October 7 entry boxes, red poppies on stems
28th October Mullins Lane Roundabout, red poppies on stems
29th October Railings and handrails of the ferry and the end of pier, mainly larger red sparkly poppies
2nd November Railings of St Johns Church, entry to The Grove and The Prom, red poppies
2nd November St Johns Churchyard, red and purple poppies on stems
4th November 19 lamp posts and 4 signposts in Hythe, red poppies
5th November The railings in Dibden Purlieu, red and white poppies
5th November Open space around the anchor, red and purple poppies on stems
6th – 8th November Additional railings around Hythe, red and white poppies
10th November Railings on Prospect Park, a wave of red and white poppies
11th November Railings along Prospect Place, hangings with white poppies and white doves
11th November Fence on the north side of Prospect Park purple poppies
11th November Prospect Park, red and purple poppies on stems

Approximately 14,500 poppies make up the whole display which will remain in place until 18th November with poppies and all sorts of related items for sale from Prospect Place, all proceeds going to the Poppy Appeal the Royal British Legions biggest fundraising campaign to date.

On 18th November there will be a raffle of a beautiful quilt made by one of the group in aid of Help for Heroes.

WhiIst assembling this display we have learnt lots had fun and enjoyed making new friends, meeting up with old ones and chatting to members of the community. We have encountered the wet, the cold, split skin and numb fingers but we have reminded ourselves however unpleasant it is we will go back to a warm home and a comfy bed, unlike the poor soldiers who were in the mud and grime of the trenches. We will remember them!

Drop In Event on 29 October 2018

DROP IN EVENT on Monday 29 October 2018 at 16:00 -20:00 in the Council Chamber at The Grove, 25 St. John’s Street, Hythe, SO45 6BZ

The Community is invited to attend a drop in event to view the investigations and work being undertaken in relation to an ongoing watercourse issue at Valleydene.

• Background – site history, flooding incidents, issues.

• What has been done so far? – actions on the ground, surveys, assessments, flood action plan.

• What have we found out? – line of watercourse, area contributing to flows and riparian ownership implications. The Community is invited to share any information they may have relating to this watercourse.

• Emerging options – including possible long term maintenance implications.

• What happens next? – programme, contact details, communications etc.

Hampshire County Council officers and consultant engineers, and Hythe and Dibden Parish Council officers and councillors will be available to answer questions.

Raising the Red Ensign

On Monday 3rd September Hythe and Dibden Parish Council raised the Red Ensign flag at the Grove, Hythe and will keep the flag flying for a week.

The Council is paying tribute to the Merchant Navy seafarers as part of a national campaign to raise awareness of the work on the Merchant Navy and the seafarers.  

For more information visit

Pictured is the Vice Chairman of Council Councillor Eric Davey and Janis Bevis raising the Red Ensign.

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