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Important Information regarding Flooding and Sandbags

Unfortunately the New Forest District Council are  no longer able to supply  sandbags and property owners are now responsible for protecting their buildings and possessions.

Hythe and Dibden Parish Councillors are keen to help the local community in the times when flooding occurs, particularly those residents and businesses who become at risk of flooding during extremes of weather and have not taken steps to prevent water entering their property

The Parish Council has identified two types of alternative sandbags and are keen to get your views on which you think is most suitable.  Samples will be available at the Parish Hall on Wednesday 27th January from 18.30 – 20.30  for the community to have a look at.  Come along – throw these samples up and down and tell us what you think.

It is proposed that these alternatives to sandbags will be available for the community to purchase from the Grove at cost, alternatively the public can source their own if they wish.

Further information is detailed below:

Hydro Sacks

Cost is about £25 inclusive of VAT for 2


Cost is about £22.80 inclusive of VAT for a pack of 5

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