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Thank you to everyone who has helped and everyone who has let us know what they think.

The volunteers of Hythe and Dibden Neighbourhood Planning Group have been working hard to try to put on paper places where we could provide:

• housing for families and young people;

• allotments;

• possible park and ride sites for the railway if it is re-opened;

• burial sites;

• recreational space and

• cycleway and footpath improvements.

The group has also been trying to reduce the impact on the community of any new port on the Dibden Bay Reclaim and has developed proposals for a Buffer Zone of at least 500 metres between the port and the existing main community.

The group has a number of ideas but at the current time it is unable to provide the planning authorities with the complex and very expensive technical reports for many of the sites; the group is reluctantly not pursuing these in the initial Neighbourhood Plan but it is not giving up. It is committed to delivering what you said this community needs.

At this point you have told us that it is important to secure the Buffer Zone and the Neighbourhood Planning group is working on including this in an initial Neighbourhood Plan. The group will offer the other ideas and sites to the planning authorities to consider in their new local plans. If the local plans do not deliver the needs of the community then the Neighbourhood Planning group will continue to provide this community with what it needs through a review of the Neighbourhood Plan.

So please everyone keep letting us know what you think. We will be at the raft race on the 26th August and on the Tuesday market on the 18th September. We will let you know where else we will be as the dates get organised.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dibden Purlieu Post Office - Consultation

Dibden Purlieu Post Office are talking about making some changes to the above Post Office and we’d like you to tell us what you think about the changes before we finalise our plans.

  • Post Office services would be offered from a low-screened, open plan style service point, integrated into the retail counter
  • The branch would be open for longer:  Mon – Fri 05:00 – 18:00, Sat 05:00 – 16:00 and Sun 05:00 – 13:00.  (Current opening times are: Mon -Fri 09:00 – 17:30 & Sat 09:00 – 12:30)
  • You’ll still be able to get most of the Post Office products and services you’re used to however for a small number of services you may need to go on-line, telephone our customer helpline or visit an alternative Post Office. Details of product availability are provided overleaf
  • To get your new branch ready, it may need to close for up to seven days during October/November 2018 for refurbishment

There’s an exciting programme of investment and transformation taking place across the Post Office network, helping to make our branches more modern and convenient for you and for the Postmasters who run them. 

For Consultaion click HERE

PCSOs Update

Hythe and Dibden Parish Council recently received a presentation from Superintendent Tony Rowlinson and Chief Inspector Rob Mitchell on the work being undertaken by Hampshire Police to enable them to be able to support the provision of additional PCSOs funded by community organisations.

Hythe and Dibden Parish Council has recognised the benefit that two additional PCSOs would bring to the communities of Hythe and Dibden and have set aside funding to fully resource two such officers.

Superintendent Anthony Rowlinson explained that he supported the proposed PCSO resource for Hythe and Dibden and he is committed to completing the reviews made necessary by the savings required by the end of July when he will be in touch with the Council to discuss the next steps.

Superintendent Rowlinson expressed his thanks to the Parish Council, especially the Clerk, for all the work in developing a standardised contract which will help in the future and will ensure consistency.

The Chairman of the Parish Council Cllr Maureen McLean said “I recognise the incredible efforts by Superintendent Rowlinson in considering the implementation of the generous offer to fund two additional PCSO’s to help the communities of Hythe and Dibden and I look forward to hearing from him by the end of July.”

Cllr McLean added “This Council is committed to providing this additional resource for Hythe and Dibden and if any person has any questions about the arrangements or the funding please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Clerk or myself."




Using the information gathered from the First Consultation last year the Neighbourhood Planning Group has now put together the 'Vision, Aims, Objectives and Draft Policies' for the final draft of the Neighbourhood Plan. To ensure we have understood what you want correctly we  have now started the Second Consultation. Please CLICK HERE to  respond to the questionnaire asking for your thoughts.


At Wednesday's Council meeting the re-elected Chairman Cllr Maureen McLean presented a 20 years Service Award to Leigh Morgan, the supervisor of the Maintenance Team.   

Cllr McLean said “Leigh supervises the team who cut the grass, keep the open spaces clean and tidy and provide us with an abundance of flowers, as well as tackling hundreds of other jobs in the Parish.  Without Leigh and his team we wouldn’t enjoy our Parish as much.  Thank you Leigh for 20 years commitment and hard work for this community”.

Hythe and Dibden Awards 2018

Shining a spotlight on community members who help others Hythe and Dibden Parish Council presented awards on the 25th April 2018.

The three awards made annually are:
• Community Spirit – to particularly recognise people who have acted in a kind or selfless manner for the good of the community;
• Youth Endeavour – to particularly recognise young people who have worked hard to fulfil personal targets;
• Environmental Champion – to particularly recognise people who voluntarily keep our Parish clean and tidy and/or undertake environmental improvement work.

Nearly 50 award winners, community members and councillors attended the presentations that also included 2 long service awards at the Council

The presentations and awards were made by the Chairman of Council Cllr Maureen McLean to  :

Community Spirit Award: CAZ FLOOD - in recognition of her commitment, dedication and tireless fundraising for the Save Hythe Pier Group.  

Nomination certificates were also presented to:

SALLY WOOD – in recognition of her dedication and commitment to running the Hythe Huddle, the local dementia support group. 

JACKIE WITHEY – in recognition of her contribution to the Waterside Community.

KELLY WINDEBANK – in recognition of her commitment and dedication to organising and conducting The Waterside Community Choir.

EDDIE IRONS – in recognition of donating his time and skills to help members of the community. CHRISTINE MATTHEWS – in recognition of creating ‘Waterside Rocks’, a fun idea enjoyed by many children and families in the community. 

Youth Endeavour Award: EMMA MARTIN - in recognition of her positive attitude and dedication to volunteering at Hythe Youth Club.  

A nomination certificate was also presented to JASMINE MCLEAN – in recognition of her hard work and determination to achieve personal goals such as playing rugby and applying to join the army.

Environment Champion Award: BRIAN EMBLEY AND ROGER KING -in recognition of their year round litter picking in the community which contributes to making the Parish a better place to live.

A Long Service Award was also presented to JANIS BEVIS  for 30 years of dedicated service to Hythe and Dibden Parish Council. 

Cllr James Binns presented an award for 30 years continuous service to CLLR MAUREEN MCLEAN.

Cllr McLean said “This is one of the nicest occasions during the Council year and I am delighted that we can recognise the incredibly hard work and commitment that community members and our staff provide to Hythe and Dibden”.

Entries for the 2019 awards will be considered in March and the Council encourages  the community to recognise the work of volunteers and make nominations for these Awards.

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