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New Forest Business Show


Cllr Peter Armstrong

Brand New Forest Village of the Year 2017 - Visit  for further details.  
It was my privilege and honour to represent Hythe and Dibden at the New Forest Business Show. Big thanks go to those local businesses who also helped out on the stand. Go New Forest for organising it, New Forest Business Partnership for letting us have space and for Marcus and staff who delivered the backdrop. We also have two new banners to use so if you know of anyone having an event please let the Parish Clerk/Deputy Clerk know.
At the event, it was possible to promote a number of our local Brand New Forest Businesses and even sign up more! We have about 70 offers now with more being added since the event.
Networking with businesses and representatives of various organisations was also positive on the day.
A4 Posters as mentioned at the last Parish meeting will be available for noticeboards and we are in the process of getting another banner for events as the previous was cut down by a person(s) currently unknown. Other suggestion/help always welcome.
Amongst the various conversations at the Business Show, it was surprising how many had not been to Hythe, travelled on the ferry or knew we had a Tuesday market! We have work ahead of us to promote our Village and get it known! Being BNF Village of the year we have a unique opportunity to promote ourselves but it can’t be done just by yours truly.

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25th April 2017 - Anzac Day

Today is Anzac Day. An important day for Australians and New Zealanders who commemorate those who landed at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915, their first military action in the WWI.
Why am I bringing it to your attention? A good many British were at Gallipoli (including my 16 year old grandfather, 'Barney' O'Carroll on HMS Edgar) and one 'son of Hythe'. Commander Edward Unwin VC was awarded a Victoria Cross for the part he played that day. There is a memorial to him on The Prom and his incredible story of bravery and determination is told HERE

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Community Safety update

Hythe and Dibden Parish Councillors have listened to the local community who have asked for the much appreciated uniformed officers to be back patrolling the streets and open spaces of Hythe and Dibden.  Councillors have chosen to begin contract discussions for the provision of 2 additional Police Community Support Officers who will be able to access reports of crime and anti-social behaviour and who have increased powers to tackle persistent anti-social behaviour issues. 

A contract will now be investigated with the Police and Crime Commissioner and when agreements are in place the new service will be up and running as soon as possible.

Cllr McLean, Chairman of the Council says "We are working to provide this much respected service as soon as possible and I look forward to seeing the uniformed officers on the street and out and about in the community helping people. 

The Council is also committed to its support for providing youth workers in Hythe and Dibden and I am delighted with the proposed Police and Communities Together meeting that can hear directly from the community and can work in partnership to reduce the reported issues of nuisance and anti-social behaviour".

Further details on the proposals can be found on page 36 of the recent Council agenda which is on the Parish Councils website and can be accessed by clicking on the link.

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Calling All Community Groups!!

B&Q have a Community Re-Use Scheme which community groups can apply for. 

The scheme is in place to donate unsellable products and materials for re-use by local schools, other educational institutions and community groups, for the benefit of the local community and the environment. These items are donated on the understanding that they will be re-used or disposed of responsibly if they are not used.

Eligible groups include:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Child minders, playgroups and nurseries
  • Allotment associations, community gardening projects
  • Youth groups including scouts, guides and cadets
  • Registered charities
  • Hospices
  • Conservation groups including The Conservation Volunteers and Forest Schools
  • Community projects organised by local churches and other religious groups
  • Women's Institute, Lions Clubs, Rotary, Townswomen Guilds
  • Royal British Legion
  • Adult education projects, University of the Third Age
  • Other local community groups

Please note that these are unsellable items. B&Q cannot guarantee the suitability for re-use. No electrical or dangerous products can be donated e.g. broken ladders, faulty chairs or lights. We do not donate items to individuals.

For more information please contact your local store directly and speak to a duty manager.

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10 Years of Parish Development

It's 10 years tomorrow since I became the Parish Development Officer for Hythe & Dibden so I've was doing a little 'looking back'. So many projects, some completed, some still in progress but here's a few.
After a massive community consultation there was a 'wish list' of 10 projects, in order of most requested;
1. Wider variety of more 'upmarket' shops - businesses have come and gone over the last 10 years but despite one of the worst recessions ever the shops are still nearly all full. Against a national average vacancy rate of 14% Hythe has only 2.5% vacant. They way people shop has changed drastically in 10 years and this has had an effect on the type of businesses in High St's all over the country.
2. More facilities for the Under 18's - The Handy Trust works tirelessly with organisations and schools for Under 18 provision, there are now weekly youth clubs on virtually every night of the week, Sports in the park provides activities on every day of the Summer Holidays and the Youth Club is open everyday during every school holiday so young people have somewhere to go and just 'hang'. All the Youth Clubs work together and with schools and there are many 'cross over activities' Such as SJY working with the drama department at Applemore College. There is a dedicated page on Facebook to help young people find work. The ACSO's work alongside the youth workers to keep young people safe.
3. More Visible Policing - The Parish Council worked with Hampshire County Council to provide Community Safety Officers and when the funding was withdrawn Hythe & Dibden Parish Council took them on. Norm and Lou work with the community and  the police to help reduce petty crime.They also introduced the Community messaging system.
4. Improve Waterfront - The Promenade was significantly improved and has now become a much used resource and visitor destination.
5. Cinema - Hythe Cinema was started 9 years ago this month and has showed over 112 films to over 13,000 people, visit the Hythe Cinema page for the latest films.
6. More 'Upmarket' Cafe's and Restaurants - A local franchisee opened Costa Coffee which has been a huge success and there are now independent coffee shops in the Parish. Many restaurants and pubs have also developed their food offer over the last few years too.
7. NHS Dentist & Minor Injuries Unit - This has been a struggle as it is controlled centrally but local people and Councillors have fought hard to maintain as high a level of service as possible.
8. Re-open Railway line - We managed to get the re-opening of the line officially looked at a but sadly it was deemed financially unviable.
9. More Events - We have introduced the Mistletoe Fayre, Art & Vintage Markets, French Markets, Italian Markets and worked in partnership to put on the Hythe Firework Display, Hythe Fete and many others. In addition we have developed passenger liner events and attract visitors from all over the country.
10. More 'footfall' (people visiting shopping areas) - Developing Hythe as a Visitor Destination has been a major change over the last 10 years. We work in partnership with Cruise Southampton and Diamond Coaches to bring cruise related visitors to Hythe. We have introduced the New Forest Tour Bus and the very successful Beach Bus which has increased visitor numbers and we have worked in Partnership with The Herald to produce a Visitor Guide (22,000 distributed) and with a local artist to produce some high quality postcards and posters. The introduction of the Art and Vintage Markets, Italian Markets and French Markets have also increased footfall. In addition we work with start-up businesses and Estate Agents to endeavour to keep the shops occupied.
In addition to all of these projects there are more too numerous to mention including working with partners to secure the American Army base as Hythe Marine Park, which is successful beyond expectation and now employs over 300 people.
So here's to the next 10 years! 

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