Snapshot 2016 and Action Plan 2008

The Action Plan Vision 

Through effective partnership, draw together all the elements of this diverse parish, creating a strong community that is safe, healthy and enjoyable to live and work in and where the needs of all are considered.

During the last three years Hythe & Dibden Parish has been taking part in the Market Town Initiative Healthcheck process. This is a prescribed process that involves consulting with the community on many  levels about issues that affect you in the area in which you live with an aim to improve the quality of life. The early ‘Love It, Hate It, I Wish’ survey gave a good indication of the issues that you, the community, felt most strongly about. 

Since then Helen Owers, the Market Town Coordinator, has been working  in partnership with many groups and individuals identifying an outline Action Plan to form the basis of  ongoing improvements to the enjoyment of living and working in Hythe and Dibden. One of the biggest difficulties encountered is the size of the community, over 20,000 people, and this is  one of the reasons that producing this initial Action Plan has taken so long. The second, more important reason, is that many of the actions that presented themselves have already started being worked upon,  and in some cases, such as the Cinema and the RAF base, they have been completed. Indeed we are very proud that one project, to help increase footfall for businesses in Hythe during December, ‘Snow  in Hythe’ has won the 2008 South East Region Action for Market Towns Award. So the action plan already contains both vibrant and active ingredients working towards its aims. 

This Action Plan is by no means conclusive and we don’t doubt that there are other things as yet  unidentified that should be put in - if you feel that there are issues that need to be included please bring  it to our attention – but it does provide a basis from which to start. Long term we intend to update the  Action Plan each year so you know what progress is being made and to allow new projects to be added. 

Ultimately what Hythe and Dibden Parish Council hope this process will do, through working in  partnership with us all, is to create a Hythe & Dibden with a real heart and a real community that we
can all be very proud of.

Introduction to the Action Plan 2008 - Malcolm Wade
Chairman of Hythe & Dibden Parish Council

You can download the Hythe and Dibden Action Plan on the right.