Community Spirit Award 2022

Published: 06 August 2022

Hythe & Dibden's Parish Council Award is a memorable and distinctive way for the community to thank and pay special tribute to the people of Hythe and Dibden whose work and efforts have shown kindness and support, and community spirit during the year. These people are the key to what makes Hythe and Dibden the community it is.

The 2022 award was awarded to Barry Bevis for Barry's Farm. Barry's Farm has been a beloved part of the community for 50 years and has been enjoyed by generations of children. The field is home to a menagerie of chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, alpacas and donkeys. The judges felt it was a deserving winner because as familiar part of our community it was time to say thank you for all the pleasure it has given.

The winner of the Environment Award is Brenda Weaver who, every day on her way to the shops takes a bag and picks up litter along the route, just quietly making it a more pleasant place.

Chairman Councillor Alex Wade commented:

"Hythe and Dibden is a very special place, with many people who make a significant contribution to our Community. Whether it is fundraising for charity, litter picking, organising a community event or being support for a neighbour, you cannot underestimate the positive impact these amazing people have had on our community.
Their community spirit is fantastic and there are so many examples of kindness and support from this year's winners.
It is why Hythe and Dibden Parish Council proudly celebrates the efforts of our community each year. It is a huge honour to present the awards and acknowledge all the dedicated individuals who are real heroes. It is the second year we have presented the awards in the centre of Hythe , during the Hythe of Activity day. This has proven to be a great success and helped engage the whole village in celebrating our community The Community Spirit overall winner, Barry Bevis was a deserving recipient, thanks to 'Barry's Farm', a special corner of the Parish that has brought happy memories for generations of residents. Brenda Weaver's pride and dedication in looking after where she calls home, each day picking up litter as she visits Hythe.
On behalf of the Council and all our Residents, I want to pay tribute to all the winners and thank them for their brilliant contribution to our Parish."