How To Apply to be a Participant in 'Soup Dragons

Published: 30 March 2022

Closing Date for Applications for each Soup Dragons is the Friday before the event:

                                                                           Friday 18th February 2022,  for Soup Dragons on Thursday 24th February 2022

                                                                           Friday 20th May 2022, for Soup Dragons on Thursday 26th May 2022

                                                                           Friday 19th August 2022, for Soup Dragons on Thursday 25th August 2022 

                                                                           Friday 18th November 2022, for Soup Dragons on Thursday 24th November    

If you would like to be considered to participate in 'Soup Dragons' please click the link at the bottom of the page and complete the form.

Do you have an idea for a community project that needs a little money, it can be tidying up an unloved area and putting in attractive plants, it could be starting a lunch club, or purchasing the equipment needed to start a new club or group, anything goes.


Or, have you been wanting to start up a small business and need some money for advertising, or a place to sell, or to pay for the first samples, a prototype of your invention. Or have you recently started a small business that needs a boost?
Then 'Soup Dragons' is for you!


1) Complete the application form by clicking the link below, your application will be assessed and if it meets the criteria you will be invited to present at 'Soup Dragons'

2) Prepare a 4-minute presentation which must include:


  • an outline of the project
  • how you plan to use the money
  • costings of your project
  • what you aim to achieve with your project
You can not use PowerPoint presentations but you can bring props and samples, plans or pictures.

3) After your 4-minute presentation, the audience can ask you 4 questions so you need to be prepared for whatever they may ask you!

4) The 'Dragons' and you pause for a while to enjoy a bowl of soup and a roll and the chance to discuss among themselves the presentations they have seen.

5)  The 'Dragons' vote for which of the presentations they think was the best and most deserving.

6) If you are the winner you win the Dragons Prize Pot which is made up of the total of the audience numbers x £5 (of the £6 ticket price). Note the size of the pot will vary each month depending on the size of the audience. If appropriate you will also get a free pitch on the Tuesday market to help you sell or promote your project (this can be 4 consecutive weeks or once per month for 4 months). 

7) You agree to come back in 4 months time and give an update on your project, whether it's completed or how the cash helped it progress.


1) You must be prepared to complete all the steps above

2) You must live in the parishes of Hythe & Dibden, Marchwood or Fawley to participate.

3) You agree to any publicity surrounding your presentation and project. 

To complete the application form please CLICK HERE