Ewart Recreation Ground Playground Replacement Consultation September 2021

Published: 29 September 2021

Ewart Recreation Ground
Playground Replacement Consultation September 2021

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As residents living in Hythe, many of you will have spent time at our Ewart recreation ground. If it has been within the last 15 years that would have probably included watching children playing on the play equipment.
The addition of the current play area in 2006 provided a whole new lease of life for an area that has always been central to social interaction within the boundaries of the village.
As time has passed, however, the elements and many hours of clambering children has taken its toll and the play area is beginning to show the early signs of deterioration. Repairs have been made, but we believe that the time has now come to look at replacing the equipment in its entirety and as such the Parish Council has committed to providing an extensive refurbishment of this much-loved facility.
Experienced play areas installers have been invited to tender to contract to renew the play area.
Hythe and Dibden Parish Council believe it is essential to get the views of the people who use the equipment. On that basis, the Parish Council is holding a public consultation where you will have the opportunity to view and comment on the submitted designs.
This is a great opportunity to really bring our recreation ground up to date with play equipment that will remain with us for many years to come.
In order to get involved in the consultation, the designs and a questionnaire are now available to view online until noon on 13th October 2021.
It is important to us that the final agreed plan is one that will give us a playground that will be enjoyed by many residents and visitors alike. Once you have had the opportunity to view the playground designs, please complete the short online questionnaire and supply us with any comments that you may have.
We need to receive the completed questionnaire and any comments by noon on Wednesday 13th October 2021
Thank You.
Hythe and Dibden Parish Council

Design A) Kompan (click image for larger version)

 Design B) Proludic (click image for larger version)


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