New Forest Hydroponics

Published: 29 April 2021

New Forest Aquaponics is the idea of David Green & Lucie Mann. David is a trained fish farmer and has worked with many species of fish over his 30-year career. Lucie loves to grow and make things.

Having seen the problems caused by poor farming - lack of nutrients in our food - lack of quality and freshness - plastic packing - high prices - environmentally and money wise we want to do something about it!

To do this we are using our skills to develop the first aquaponics farm in the New Forest (south UK.) - we have the site, we have a huge amount of equipment (recycled of course), we just need financial support to be able to turn this into a productive aquaponics farm.

We are now a community interest company (CIC), which means we are a non-profit company that will invest any money made back to the project.

To find out more about New Forest Aquaponics CLICK HERE