Land Use & Tree Planting

Published: 16 April 2021

Land use & tree planting
Land use is a critical natural resource. How it's used and managed is vital to the UK's ability to deliver deeper emissions reductions and improve resilience to the effects of climate change over the long term. See the UK’s Committee on Climate Change report
We are fortunate in the New Forest area to have an abundance of fields and countryside on our doorstep, but how the land is used and ensuring the ongoing health of our soil, is paramount to reducing carbon emissions in our area, promoting biodiversity and securing local and sustainably grown food. Our actions in caring for the land can also help secure our community against risks like soil erosion and localised flooding.
Areas where you can make a difference include:
• Join a local tree planting event or see New Forest District Council’s tree strategy report with lots of info on caring for trees locally

• Purchase locally-grown food or grow a little of your own food

• Consider a ‘no-dig’ gardening approach

• Make your own compost

• Follow the RHS advice on wildlife gardening