Re-Use, Recycle and Reduce

Published: 15 April 2021

Re-use, recycling and reducing waste
In 2016, a whopping 46% of the UK’s carbon footprint came from emissions released overseas to satisfy UK consumption (a significant increase from 14% in 1990). Imported emissions are mostly associated with manufactured goods such as processed food, clothes and electronics. One of the biggest things we can all do is buy less and reuse and recycle goods.
Things you can do:
• Attend a Clothes Swish event (or similar event locally – or set one up?) saving significant CO2 emissions from clothes otherwise going to landfill.
• Use local charity shops for donations or purchases.
• Share unwanted food (using the Olio app)
• Look for pre-loved items in your larger purchases. By purchasing items like furniture second-hand you will save significant carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere
• Speak to the men's shed to see whether they can fix a broken item before replacing it
• Look for locally sourced and sold items
• Consider using Freecycle to source or give away items for free.