Waterside Self Isolation Support Group

The Waterside Self Isolation Support Group are a group of local volunteers who can fetch shopping, walk the dog, collect prescriptions if you are unable to do so.

Please  ring them if you are in real need of items or help, but we need you to play your part in looking after their wellbeing so DO NOT ring if you have family members or friends who can do things for you.

We are asking this because this situation may go on for several weeks and if the team of volunteers are stretched too thin over unnecessary tasks they will be burnt out when the service is really needed, plus tiredness will put their health at risk so please use the service wisely.

I must stress this is a group of local volunteers being good neighbours and is not an official entity but ordinary people wanting to help, however, many of them are known to me and I would suggest you use this group rather than any others who might approach you to reduce risk.


Call 077782951660
or email watersidesisgroup@outlook.com