Hythe & Dibden Neighbourhood Plan

Hythe & Dibden Neighbourhood Plan

The independent Examination of the Hythe and Dibden Neighbourhood Development Plan has now been completed. The Examiner's Report can be viewed here  Examiner's Report June 2019 [289kb].

The Examiner concluded that subject to the policy modifications to the submitted plan, as set out in the Appendix to the report, the Plan met the Basic Conditions. The Examiner recommended that the Plan, once modified, proceed to Referendum on the basis that it met all the relevant legal requirements.

New Forest District Council made its decision on 9 September 2019 to accept the Examiners modifications and to proceed to a Referendum on Tuesday 29 October 2019. Eighty-five percent of voters answered 'yes' to the question of whether the Neighbourhood Plan should be adopted and used by the District Council to help decide planning applications in the Hythe and Dibden Neighbourhood Area. The District Council formally decided to 'make' (adopt) the neighbourhood Plan at its Full Council meeting on 9th December 2019. Planning decisions are made in accordance with the adopted development plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise. The Neighbourhood Plan forms part of the development plan for the Hythe & Dibden parish. This includes the adopted New Forest District Local Plan Part One: Core Strategy (2009) and Part Two: Sites and Development Management (2014), and the adopted New Forest National Park Local Plan (2019). The Neighbourhood Plan and its policies will be given full weight when assessing planning applications that affect land covered by the respective Plans.

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