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Community Safety update


Cllr Maureen McLean, Cllr James Binns and Cllr Chris Harrison met yesterday and agreed that the Clerk be directed to develop, as a priority, a proposal for the introduction of Parish Council supported Police and Community Support Officers to be considered by Council at the earliest opportunity

Cllrs McLean, Binns and Harrison, as representatives of the three political parties of the Parish Council would like to reassure the community that the Council is listening and that it is committed to providing the valuable community safety provision as soon as practicable.  They have heard the concerns of the community that the police are not visible and that the community want to see the visible presence of community safety officers back on the beat in Hythe and Dibden.  Councillors have also heard community views on the type of issues that you want the service to take action on including criminal damage, parking outside of schools and engagement with the community regarding crime prevention and anti-social behaviour.  Councillors ask that if you have any particular actions that you would like the service to perform please contact the Clerk (Stephanie.bennett@hytheanddibden,; this will enable the service to be developed as you, the community, wish.

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