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Annual Parish Meeting and Award Presentations

Hythe & Dibden Annual Parish Meeting

The Hythe & Dibden Annual Parish Meeting took place in the Parish Hall on Weds 15th March. The meeting opened with a presentation by Sgt Alison Jones and PC Ali Cross giving a presentation on the Hythe & Dibden Prevention and Neighbourhoods Team. The differing roles of a PCSO’s and Police Officers were explained. A comparison of crime figures for the same 90 day period last year in each of the Parish Wards showed an overall decrease in crime and anti-social behaviour. Sgt Jones stated that Hythe and Waterside had considerably lower crime rates than most other areas of the New Forest.

Graham Parkes then went on to give a presentation on the Neighbourhood Plan explaining the process and the progress so far.

Chairman Cllr Maureen McLean presented shields and gift vouchers to the winners of the Community Spirit and Community Endeavour Award


PETER KING  - For his commitment, dedication and determination in the setting up of the Hythe Pier Action Group for the preservation of Hythe’s historic pier.


(presentation of certificate)

AMANDA BROOMFIELD – for her committed dedication towards the vibrancy and sustainability of the village centre.

PHIL GITTINGS – For his dedication and pride as a retained fire fighter and giving over and above in his role for over 28 years.

DAVE MOORE – For helping everyone in the community; juggling a busy home life with his special needs work and Hythe and Dibden Football Club.

MIKE & DONNA OSMAN – For establishing SO45 online which has been involved in fund raising for many local charities.


DANIEL NUTLAND – For being conscientious and hardworking at school in spite of a learning barrier, for being a carer for his Mum and for doing a considerable amount of voluntary work at Hythe Youth Club. 


Community Safety update


Cllr Maureen McLean, Cllr James Binns and Cllr Chris Harrison met yesterday and agreed that the Clerk be directed to develop, as a priority, a proposal for the introduction of Parish Council supported Police and Community Support Officers to be considered by Council at the earliest opportunity

Cllrs McLean, Binns and Harrison, as representatives of the three political parties of the Parish Council would like to reassure the community that the Council is listening and that it is committed to providing the valuable community safety provision as soon as practicable.  They have heard the concerns of the community that the police are not visible and that the community want to see the visible presence of community safety officers back on the beat in Hythe and Dibden.  Councillors have also heard community views on the type of issues that you want the service to take action on including criminal damage, parking outside of schools and engagement with the community regarding crime prevention and anti-social behaviour.  Councillors ask that if you have any particular actions that you would like the service to perform please contact the Clerk (Stephanie.bennett@hytheanddibden,; this will enable the service to be developed as you, the community, wish.

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Taking Responsibility for Protecting Your Home from Localised Flooding this Winter

In recent years we have seen some unusual weather conditions including some torrential downpours that have led to localised flooding when the storm drains become momentarily overwhelmed. In Hythe  this is very occasionally exacerbated by seasonal tides. Many will remember Valentines Night  Storm in 2014, when torrential rain and a Spring Tide breached Hythe momentarily as the tide reached its peak.

Because these floods can be random and unpredictable, or they may happen late at night and occur in unexpected places, or services are being directed to more ‘serious’ areas, there are no guarantees that your issue can be dealt with. Some of you will already know that you are vulnerable in certain weather conditions and we’re recommending that you make your own provisions for flood prevention as help is not be readily available.   

Personally I’m vulnerable in certain weather conditions and I live halfway up a hill on Hollybank (see the video of my garden during a freak rainstorm Here)!!

We have available at The Grove the rather wonderful ‘Floodsax’, they are light weight and come in boxes of 5. When soaked in water they expand and become a very efficient ‘sandbag’. They are more pliable than sandbags and infinitely more manageable. Of particular value is  their light weight, an elderly person living on their own can easily put the bags in place in an emergency. See a video of them in operation Here.  They cost £25 for a box of 5 (cost price). Alternatively they can be purchased at Travis Perkins at the same price. I’ve already bought some ‘just in case’.

If you know you may be vulnerable be prepared and save yourself lots of  heartache and the hassle of repairs and insurance claims..

Hythe & Dibden Parish Cllr. Chris Harrison (Independent) Weekly Surgery

Independent Hythe & Dibden Parish Cllr. Chris Harrison will be holding a weekly surgery in the Council Chamber at The Grove. 

10am until 12noon every Tuesday

Local residents are welcome to go along and discuss any issues they may have
or to make their views known on local issues such as……

 Hythe Ferry
 The Railway Line

 No appointment is necessary.

Chris can be contacted by email: or 
leave a message by ringing 023 8084 1411 and Chris will contact you.

Official Statement From Hythe Ferry

Official Statement From Hythe Ferry

There have been some possibly incorrect details put on FB about the current status at the Hythe Ferry.
A meeting was held at the Ferry on Tuesday 4th October, where a letter from Hythe Ferry Ltd to its staff Warning of Possible Redundancies was issued.

The Director who held the meeting stressed that it is business as usual at the Ferry and that everything should remain normal whilst talks with other operators and avenues are investigated. 

All avenues are being explored.

Sath Naidoo
Hythe Ferry Ltd.

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